Users behave differently when they using between computer and mobile devices. Our searching pattern with mobile devices is different than that of computer, we tend to search for a specific information that pop up on our mind, like which restaurant for the dinner with friends or the schedule of cinema or any question about store, restaurant, transportation, directions and local weather, etc. This typical type of searching is called “local search”. So what is local search ?

Local search is an action that we conduct the question on the search engine aim to find a specific information in a geographic area. Typical local search question contains both what the users are searching for and “where” information. For example “Good Nasi Lemak Bandar Sunway”. This is the what we normally type on our search engine, the short form of the question about good restaurant for nasi lemak in Bandar Sunway area.

According to the  research of “Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior” in 2014 of Google. About 88% of users used their smart phone and 84% of user used their tablet for local searches. And more interesting, 51% of consumers who use their smart phone to search for local information are on the go (in bus or car,etc.) , 41% of them are even do the searching in the purchase place (in store) where that number of tablet or computer are only 16% and 15%. High percentages of customers who use mobile devices for local intent also shows in several location like restaurant, workplace, hotel, airport,etc (Google, 2014).

Not only that but also consumer used their mobile devices as a second screen when they watching television show or using desktop. They look for the information about the show related question. About 84% of mobile devices owners use their devices as second screen while watching the show, 29% of smart phone and 41% of tablet users searched for show related information (Neilsen, 2015).The consumer uses second screening as one way to interact with the show. During Olympic Sochi 2014, 60-65% of searches from mobile devices were related to the Olympic.

The researches revealed that consumers prefer using mobile devices instead of desktops to find specific information whenever and wherever the question pops up on their mind.